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Piercing courses in Stourbridge

Would you like to learn the art of body piercing? Contact Black Magic Studio for our professional piercing course. We teach you an extensive range of piercing techniques at very affordable prices.

Professional piercing tuition

For a full-time piercing course, come to Black Magic Studio. The course is two weeks in duration. The training sessions are conducted by our experienced and professional body piercers.

Our course includes one week of theory and shadowing, following which you will start the practical sessions. The intention behind our courses is to raise the standards of body piercing for all. Feel free to talk to a member of our team for more details.
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An insight into piercing

If you want to learn piercing techniques and methods in detail, contact Black Magic Studio. We provide extensive training and insight into all types of piercing, including surface, divers, nose, navel, lip, tongue, smiley, septum, cartilage, lobe, nipple and Christina.

Along with expertise of our staff, our training manuals will keep you up to scratch with each technique.

Course prices

For piercing above the waist - £700 
Micro-dermal diver piercings - £200

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Body piercing courses

Our piercing course includes the following:
  • Piercing names
  • Piercing placements
  • Piercing jewellery
  • Health and hygiene 
  • Safe piercing practices
  • Piercing aftercare
  • Risk assessments
We teach you all relevant health and safety standards, as well as training you in the control of blood-borne viruses in the studio. 
Attend the piercing course at Black Magic Studio for an in depth knowledge of piercing styles and techniques. Certificates are provided at the end of the course.
Black Magic Studio conducts piercing courses in Stourbridge.
For details, call us on
07518 231 592

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