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Body piercing services in Stourbridge

If you are looking for professional body piercing services, contact Black Magic Studio. We deliver an extensive range of piercings that suit every requirement.

Body piercing using high-grade titanium

Whichever part of your body you want pierced, we carry out the procedure using high-grade titanium. We also provide quality aftercare to ensure that you look after your piercing the way it is meant to be looked after - for the best results long term!

When it comes to body piercing at Black Magic, safe, hygienic practices and expertise conjoin for a service you can have faith in. As professional and independent body piercers, we deliver high-quality services customised to you.

Additionally, we offer training courses, during which you can learn the art of piercing for yourself. Equipped with a large and modern piercing studio, we provide a comfortable and relaxed setting to put you at ease during the entire procedure.
tongue piercing

Careful and considerate

We have a wealth of experience in the industry and utilise all the latest equipment and techniques to provide you with the service you require. 

You can depend on us to perform all piercing work with care and due consideration for your comfort.

Lobe, cartilage, nose, septum, lip, tongue, navel, eyebrow or nipple - we have you covered.
eyebrow piercing

A complete range of piercings

Our range of piercings including the following:
  • Facial piercings
  • Intimate piercings
  • Cartilage piercings
  • Children's lobe piercings 
  • Surface piercings
  • Skin divers
We also offer tanning services at great prices. Contact our team for more details.

Body Piercings Price List

Black Magic Studio provides professional body piercing in Stourbridge.
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